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The · Years · Between

The Chracters Of The Years Between Part II

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James Wright
Sign: Aquarius

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James grew up on the island. He is a hard worker and keeps himself very busy as a kid, always fleeing the toxic enviorment of his parents, drunk and abusive and showing no love to him nor his sister, only bruises and complaints. He gets close to Chad, but as Carson enters the story is exposed to the wonderful drugs that numbs his pain within, a pain that breaks him apart in his earlier years. As a child he is noble, first there with his friends even letting his sister tag along, for as children they share a painful bond of survival in their parents house. However this bond once so noble is betrayed as James goes deeper into his downward spiral. He becomes Jeolous of his sister's relationship with Chad, and discovers in himself tendencys he can't deal with, that the drugs help with. He gets friendly with Travis, because Travis is going through the same thing, and is passionate with him only in secret, which places a horrible weight on his shoulders, and with the drugs, and his bitterness towards Chad tears apart his very being.

Jessica Wright
Sign: Gemeni

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Jessica grew up on the island with her brother, she deals with her parents uneasily and scared as a child. Like her brother she tags along and does everything she can to avoid her parents drunken ways, including making them drinks. When Chad moves to the island an instant connection is made. He becomes her saftey net. A romance blossims, and she spends alot of her time away fron home. Seeing her brother go downhill fast upsets her, because in doing this she loses the only amount of saftey in the household, for her brother, knowing of her new relaitionship with Chad becomes violent to her. Yet Jessica is very patient, always giving people more chances.
In her junior year she gets pregnet, and is in fear of her parents finding out, Chad, the father is always there for her, and she loves him very much. Jessica is about love. She loves her brother, her parents, even though they are so wrong to her. She also has close ties with Peter, and Erin from her youth is like her big sister and best friend. She is the innosent of the story, and departs tragically.

Erin Rosenburg
Sign: Taurus

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Erin grew up on the island with her best friend and neighbor Travis. As a girl she is very tomboyish, and in fact hates dresses, or anything girl related. She is a "big sister" to Jessica, helps Chad get aquainted with the rest of the group and is always there to meet Peter's Taunts and agressions. Her parents, unlike James and Jessica's are not drunks, but spend about 90% of their time at the country clubs, for Erin's parents are very well known and high up on the social ladder of the island and in wealth for that matter. Erin however, doesn't pride herself on being a rich girl and hates when anyone makes references to her about it.
After the arrivial of Carson, watching her best friend give a cold shoulder to her and instead turns to drug use, Erin feels gravely hurt and betrayed, but keeps it all inside. She instead focouses herself deeply in schools and her dreams of becoming an astronaut. Highly gifted, she graces through academics, and eventually gets accepted to MIT on a full scholarship.
The Death Of Travis and Jessica hits her pretty hard, but she was suffering from the moment Travis turned her back on her, and insteads turns all this hurt into helping Jessica out, basically everyone else but herself. After she loses the two closest people to her heart, Chad tries to come in to it, and she is annoyed and pushes him away, secretly though she wants him very badly in her life. This is reveled at the present part of the story. For when Erin graduated, she completly shut and locked the door to her past, but coming back opened the wound for all that pain to come back in. Yet she does find her true love with Chad, and with him starts a family.

Travis White
Sign: Taurus

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Travis grew up on the island. He is very quiet and at the beganning very close to Erin. He doesn't say much but the loyality to his friends are there. Travis Parents, friend's with Erin's spend most of their time at the Country Club and "being rich" as Travis describes it. He is very self relient, and like Erin, an only child. Unlike Erin, he prides himself on his parents wealth and is very spoiled. He doesn't wait to brag about it either. With the arrival of Carson and the drugs, Travis finds out that he may be gay, and his homophobic, republican father will never accept this, so he uses them more heavily, and finds James has the same problem. Together the share a secret and sexual affair. Yet this is undercover from their high school existance. With no reasources except the drugs to deal with his feelings, Travis starts to fade. He feels ashamed even in Erin's pressance. He dares not tells anything of his secret life and in the end it breaks him. Depression engulfs him, and sucide seems the only way out. In the end, when his breakdown is in full force, he takes Jessica with aside at a party and wants to rape her to see if he can feel anything from a woman, but gladly she is too strong for him, and he needs a weopen to get his way. His maddness becomes the end of him.

Carson Wells
Sign: Leo

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Carson is the villan of the story. He moves from Los Angeles, and swoops into the group. Not impressed with the Island and bored out of his mind, he shows the men of the group what his family's legacy is all about-drugs and how "They really set you free" as he says. Starting out with low key drugs like Pot, as the guys enjoy, Chad elimnates competion for friendship by making fun of Chad, calling his a "mama's boy" and when Travis, James and Peter continue to use, Carson instrucks them to just forget about him, because "guys like that will ruin your repetiton, or knark on you and I know a knark when I see one." Travis and James obey, Peter, determined to play sports without having to worry about UA's, backs out, but Carson lets him because Carson respects Peter and deep down fears him. Carson, who's father has access to "The Hard Core Shit" as Carson puts it, gets them into more dangerous drugs, ie, Cocaine, Crystal Meth. Carson, happy with splitting the group and finding new buddies to use with, still feels threatned by Chad, and fibs to James about him telling him "If some guy was bragging about how he banged MY sister, I would beat his ass bad" Therefore, James does just this, listening to Carson's every word, as does Travis. Yet Karma eventually comes back to Carson, following the deaths of Travis and Jessica, Father and Son are prisoned, but the damage and influence linger on like a black oil slick on the ocean that is the groups friendship.

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