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The · Years · Between

Meet The Characters Of The Years Between.

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Sonny Walkermen
Sign: Libra

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Sonny begans and narriates our story. He is very quiet and distant in his later years. As a child he is very active. Yet, at the arrival of Carson, and as the group grows more high up in the Socail standards, he is rejected. A hard worker for his family's farm, he keeps to himself, and always has a walkmen on, for music is how he grounds out (and I might add the same is true for the author) Watching the group fall apart and fight from a distance, he starts to feel very helpless about it, but is there for Chad when needed, mostly for Peter, his best friend.

Peter Prince
Sign: Aries

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Peter is a smartass, a very rough exterior on the outside, very bellgirent, a tough guy with short man syndrome who isn't afraid to pick a fight, but also isn't afraid to help out a friend. The only thing Peter fears is showing his true feelings. There is a very soft interior to him, that he doesn't let anyone know about. He keeps himself busy and is your typical jock, bragging about the girls he scores. He is the smart one who with the exception of Pot doesn't go any further down unlike Travis and James, he takes with him a lot of guilt however when he witness Chad get beat down at the school. Even moreso later when Jessica and Travis have the accident. He eventually becomes a football coach at the high school where he graduated, as he tells Chad and Erin he could never leave the island, its too much of a part of him.

Chad Wilkes
Sign: Aquarius

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Chad is the new kid in the group, just moving to the island from the large American Rome that is New York City, and abandoned by his father. His grandfather, whom his is very close takes on the role, seeing Chad's hardship with the Divorce encourages Chad to "Live life when your young" He quickly bonds with its members. He has an instant connection with Jessica, spending their first night together under a sleeping bag. He is very compassionate to her needs, and over the years knows that she will be with him forver. A loving soul, Chad's starts to form great hate for Carson from the first moment he meets him, then as he takes James and Travis under a deadly path, Chad starts to yearn for the old days before Carson, this increases over Time. In his softmore year, Chad loses his Grandfather and now feels alone in a big aspect. His blossiming relationship with Jessica supports him, but he is worried for her saftey, for James with the drug use, and abuse at home has gotten very protective. Losing Travis and Jessica is devestating for him. He tries to take his own life, but remembers what his grandfather said. So he turns to Erin, and becomes her support.

Okay guys, my coworker finally signed in but more later, no the actors pictured are not going to be in the movie (unless I am lucky) but I needed a face to go with the chracters)
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On January 30th, 2006 05:40 am (UTC), ragdollsally07 commented:
Hayden Christinson!! *squee* Oh my how excited for you am I!!! I know that they are not officially in the movie, but oh geeze! Brilliant!
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